Tutorial GuideSingle girder overhead crane with double hoist
This is a video of double hoist overhead crane 10 ton +10 ton, they can run at the same speed at the same time or sperately.


Double Girder Bridge Cranes shipped to Israel in May 2018


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5 ton Electric Hoist Shipped to UZ in May 2018


45 sets Chain Blocks shipped to Algeria in April 2018


QD Bridge Crane Installed in Haiti in December 2017


QC type Electromagnetic Bridge Crane Shipped to Indonesia in April 2017


Gantry Crane shipped to Russia in March 2017


5ton and 10ton HD Double Girder Bridge Crane for Mexico in 2016


5 ton Jib Crane shipped to UAE in December 2016


Mini Electric Hoist shipped to Chile in June 2016 


Double Girder Overhead Crane Installed in Pakistan in May 2015


Electric Wnch shipped to Pakistan in October 2014


5 ton and 15 ton Electric Hoist Single Girder Bridge Crane Installed in Thailand in August 2014


2 Sets 5ton Electric Hoist Single Girder Overhead Crane Installed in Rwanda in July 2014


QD Bridge Crane Installed in Bangladesh in May 2013

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